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The British stakeholder panel


Name Domain
Alex Stewart Specialist Registrar in Public Health, Chester Health Protection Team
Ruth Lockley Consultant in Communicable Disease Control, Birmingham and Solihull Health Protection Unit
Jill Meara Deputy Director, Public Health Physician, NRPB
Jackie Spiby Consultant in Environmental Public Health, Health Protection Agency
Anne Nisbet SAGE project manager, NRPB
Margot Nicholls Specialist Registrar in Public Health (in training), Surrey Health Protection Unit
Sarah Harrison Consultant in Communicable Disease Control, South & West Devon Health Protection Unit
Mark Temple Consultant in Communicable Disease Control, National Public Health Service Wales
Gabe Mythen Senior Lecturer in Communications and Culture, Manchester Metropolitan University

Members of the UK stakeholder panel (Core Group)
Alex Stewart, Ruth Lockley, Jill Meara, Jackie Spiby,
Anne Nisbet, Margot Nicholls, Sarah Harrison, Mark Temple


Health professionals with an interest in radioactivity were invited to an initial planning meeting of the SAGE project on 1 July 2003, at the Health Protection Agency HQ in London. This ‘core group’ agreed to take on responsibility for the setting up of an extended stakeholder panel to evaluate the applicability to the UK of the radiological protection culture adopted so successfully in Belarus following the Chernobyl accident. Information on the long-term management and rehabilitation of contaminated areas in Belarus will be transferred to western European countries in the form of a handbook, the first draft of which will be available in autumn 2003.

The core group of the UK stakeholder panel met in London for a second time on 11 May 2004. The main focus for discussion was the advanced draft of the handbook providing guidance for those living in the contaminated territories.

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The stakeholders provided their initial feedback on its structure and content as well as its general applicability to the UK. Several members of the panel agreed to convene satellite stakeholder groups (comprising members of the public, public health professionals etc.) in different areas of England and Wales to further extend the consultation process. A questionnaire designed by NRPB will be used to record feedback on specific aspects of the handbook in a standardised format, i.e.

  • General applicability of the handbook to the UK
  • Practicability and appropriateness of information/guidance provided
  • Adapting the handbook for use in the UK
  • Format of the handbook

A third meeting of the core group will take place on 6 October 2004 to consolidate feedback and to draw up recommendations. Overall, the UK stakeholder panel supports the aims and objectives of the handbook and would like to subsequently adapt it for use in the UK. Consideration is being given to broadening the scope of the handbook to include chemical contaminants.

Last update: Wednesday, September 8, 2004